***LOGAN FISHPOND*** Marine Life Centre Open Until SAT 3rd NOV 2018 10am-5pm Re-opens March 1st 2019
            ***LOGAN FISHPOND***              Marine Life Centre          Open Until SAT 3rd NOV 2018                10am-5pm     Re-opens March 1st 2019   




You will not believe the wonders at the Mull of Galloway Experience! The amazing cliffs, the narrow country roads, the chorus of gulls and fulmers, the old Lighthouse and the Astonishing views towards the Isle of Man and Ireland! Come and behold the jewel of Galloway!


LOGAN HOUSE GARDENS AND LOGAN BOTANICAL GARDENS are a must visit after visiting our amazing sea life centre.



Fishpond Cottage

Logan Fishpond

Port Logan 




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To book group visits for schools or clubs, please call in advance so we are prepared for large groups arriving at one time: thank you


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